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Results lagging? Operational friction slowing your path toward #profitable #growth? This 3 step framework is a powerful beginning point from which... ...many things in your organization flow. Developed by one of the top minds in #Strategy within the last 50 years. Illustrated using an example many of us are familiar with. ------ If you're a #CEO, #COO or #CRO and need/want help stewarding your team through this process ▶️ REACH OUT ◀️ and we can find some time to discuss. ------ 0:00 Intro 0:35 This is NOT strategy 1:35 Step One 2:50 Step Two 3:15 Step Three 4:00 Illustrated with a Real World Example 5:45 Real World Example (Step Two) 6:30 Real World Example (Step Three) 7:00 Real World Outcome 8:05 Recommended Actions


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