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The Single Organizational Discipline With Unmatched ROI

My first #Entrepreneur article. Unless you're at #CannesLions2022 this week & up to your eyeballs in rosé, err...crucial biz dev meetings, I suggest... should take the 5 min req to read it (as per Read-o-Meter). 🔸Starts with what sounds like an infomercial quote (but isn't). 🔸Ends with 4 pragmatic steps (to create some initial momentum). 🔸Everything in between is... ...well, that's the 5 min worth reading that will change your business if you really do something with it. (Give me shout when you're ready to do something with it) #EffectiveExecutives #HighPerformingOrgs #ContinuousImprovementCultures #Solving10MillionProblems

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