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It's hard for exceptional #CEOs to admit that they (or their orgs) aren't delivering. Can you be exceptional & deliver unexceptionally? Sure. It happens. In seasons. To all of us. It's natural. Yet, there's almost nothing worse than a #CEO (and any #executive) who can't admit that things are bad. Worse, are those who can't admit their part in it, because that would mean they (or their org) are as unexceptional, mediocre, or poor as their results. It's easier to blame a lack of #profitable growth & #layoffs on the economy, market, recession, etc than to admit they lacked a sound #Strategy or took their eye off the ball on #Execution ------------- So, while we can't excuse poor or mediocre performance, we need to make it safer to *admit* that it happens by acknowledging some of the very normal reasons it happens. #CEOs, #COOs, #CROs, and all #executives have a hard job. Let's not make it harder for them. Let's give them the understanding they need to admit when they screwed up, to admit they need help. They're only human. Just like you.


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