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What Does It Feel Like To Be Wrong?

What does it feel like to be wrong? 

It feels exactly like being right (up until the moment... realize you're wrong)

It's only then that things feel different.


Take that in:

Right now, 

you're wrong about something

that you feel certain you're right about.

And it can impact...


Where might you be wrong

about any hashtag#Strategy you are

ideating, pursuing, defending, etc?

I ask because...

Once an exec has committed to a course of action, 

it can be very difficult for us to admit that

it's not working & change course. 

Egos get invested in decisions 

and very few want to admit

a strategic misstep.


As an Operating Partner, I create a 1:1 forum

where hashtag#CEOs can openly be wrong; in fact

my role is to identify & explore

where hashtag#execs are wrong

but feel right.

This doesn't happen with

→ Their board

→ Their exec team

→ Their organization

And their business needs it.

They need it.


If you're a hashtag#CEOhashtag#COO, or hashtag#CRO

and want to find out where you're wrong 

before bigger hashtag#revenue or hashtag#profit issues surface...


...and we can explore what an 

Operating Partnership looks like.

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