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What does it feel like when you're wrong?

Uncomfortable? Embarrassing? Disappointing? This isn't how it feels to be wrong. That's how you feel when... *realize* you're wrong.

When you're wrong it usually feels


(up until the moment you realize you're wrong).

Keep this in mind

if you're CERTAIN that you know

exactly how to solve your $10M+ problems,

or to capture your $10M+ opportunities.


Even if you currently feel right

can you admit you may be wrong about...

• Your customers' real problems & pain points

• The value of your product differentiation

• Your GTM strategy

• The clarity of your messaging

• How to attract & retain the best employees

• Whatever big agenda you're pushing on everyone


Even if you currently feel right,

can you admit that you may be wrong

and you need help...

• understanding if you're drinking your own Kool-Aid

• being directly (and vigorously) challenged

• objectively considering uncomfortable alternate POVs

What's the highest stakes agenda

you're pushing this fiscal year or quarter?

Note: Credit & thanks to •Jason Jaggard for a far more elegant way to articulate this concept than I have been over the past several years.

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