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What matters is not what is happening. The Power is in what you say about what is happening.

The highest performers are incredibly skilled at reframing everything that happens so it is seen as opportunity. This isn't about creating 'alternate facts'...

...about a situation.

It's about there being eight sides to every story.

And recognizing choice.

The choice to look for the part of the story

that is entirely true

yet doesn't immediately occur to you or others...

and once seen

opens paths to growth.

Why does this lead to higher performance?

Because very few people

choose to believe that circumstances

that initially seem unfortunate

might actually be opportunity.

Thus, those who choose to believe

things could be other than what they see

and invest the time and effort

are the few that rise above

(and whose performance is higher).

What you say to yourself

about what is happening...

what you say to others

about what is happening...

is incredibly powe

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