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Why and How I Do What I Do

You've got a LOT on your plate. Easily put:

... aggressive goals...

... with resource constraints...

... and challenging dynamics.

🟥 You have problems with...

 → Revenue

 → Profit

 → Operations

🟥 You've said: 

 "We can't have another 

 quarter, year, [whatever] like this"

🟥 But it's complex.

 It will require difficult decisions.

 And there are 100 opinions on what to do from...

 • Your team

 • Your board

 • Countless pundits

🟥 Further...

 you have many people

 working on many many different things

 but you're still not seeing the outcomes you need.

I get it. 

I've been an operating exec.

I know your ambitions, and I've felt your pain.


🟨 This is why I launched (X)Form

 and why I work with execs like you

 in the role of independent Operating Partner (iOP)

 (or via my Adjunct iOPs)

🟨 We provide

 what I needed 

 when I was still operating.

🟨 Deliberate, effective approaches

 to solving complex $10M+ problems.

-----Here's how-----


 → Leveraging methodical, reliable frameworks

 → known to simplify & clarify the complexities,

 → and effectively solve the diagnosed problems.



 → In-it-with-you, 

 → iterative, collaborative consulting

 → across a weekly, monthly, quarterly cadence


→ We clarify the objective & run diagnostics

→ develop clear, compelling, credible plans

→ assign action, mobilize, monitor, and revise

... week-after-week 

 until 'it' has been solved. 



How do we know it works?


“This year, I've been able to drive 90% growth on a 9-figure business with a 20% budget cut amidst an economic slump from the global pandemic. As I texted Zito only days ago: I couldn't do this without him."

 - Chief Revenue Officer

 Public Media & Tech Company

"There's a very meaningful business impact: he's helped my team create a very clear and credible path to 7X'ing our business within the next few years."

 - Executive Director,

 Global Financial Markets Enterprise

"Two weeks in and I was already less stressed - which is perhaps the most important thing I could get from this partnership. Last week we designed strategies to unlock $5-$10M in revenue for the remainder of this FY alone, with multiples thereafter."

 - Chief Revenue Officer 

 VC-Backed FinTech Unicorn

"I have a limited amount of time to create exceptional results by effecting crucial-yet-difficult changes. My operating partnership with Zito has undoubtedly helped me accelerate all of this while also doing so with more clarity and security. The result is incremental multiples of ROI for our investors."

 - Chief Executive Officer

 Private Equity Roll-Up

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