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You are the CEO of the business of you

Maybe you have a PR problem? Perhaps poor NPS scores? Perhaps your customer support & success function needs an upgrade? Think about...

...yourself as a business

and you'll see areas of your 'operation'

that are limiting your greater success.


• What 'market need' exists that you can uniquely & best meet?

• What game are you playing, and what's your plan to win?

• What other players and dynamics are you competing with?


• Is your Product (you) user friendly?

• How are you ensuring that what you offer is continually being improved & maintaining differentiation?

• Are you charging enough for the value your provide?


• How are you creating awareness and interest in what you have to offer?

• How's the positioning and brand sentiment?


• How are you getting others to buy what you're selling (and idea or objective you have)?

• How are you expanding your footprint of influence within the clients you're engaged with?

• Are you engaged with Champions, Economic Buyers, considering their Decision Criteria & Process?


• Who are the key players in your ecosystem, the macro forces who can influence or block the outcomes you desire?

• Do you have a channel set up to bring your value to the market at scale?


• Are you doing the hard work to ensure your 'clients' are getting the most value of the Product you've sold them on (ie. you)?

• How are you ensuring you have the highest NPS scores?


• What systems do you have in place to operate at scale?

• How do you create efficiency - more output for less input?

• What checks do you have in place to mitigate risk, error, etc?


• In what deliberate ways do you improve morale & mitigating burnout?

• What's your time-off policy and what benefits are you offering (yourself)?


One of the best ways to optimize your own performance, outcomes, morale, etc is to apply to yourself those principles that work for organizations?

• Daily Agile scrum/standups.

• Kaizen, the Theory of Constraints

• Your own personal KPIs and MBRs

• A Board of Advisors/Directors

• Etc


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