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You want/need to grow (ie., scale) in 2022. Yet, consider what has *not* been working (ie., sustainable) in 2021? Fail to address the latter...

...and you run the risk of failing to achieve former.

• Your Exec Leadership Team dynamics?

• Your compensation package?

• Your relationship w/ the Board or your CEO?

• Your current stress-levels and/or time scarcity?

• Your clarity/belief in the direction of the business?

• Your organizational culture?

Lock solid?

Check, check, check?

Two-thumbs up?

If not...

focusing on 2022 growth

of revenue,


or otherwise

without creating more 'sustainability' in these areas

is unwise.

You'll likely see growth

in risk

or attrition,

or self-inflicted wounds

or dissatisfaction

as much as you growth those more desirable outcomes.

Don't trust me on this.

Trust your intuition.

Or perhaps just common sense.

Look back at 2021.

Whatever existed in your business

or professional life

that didn't feel entirely sustainable:

***commit to fixing that first***


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