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Generative Language Thinking Doing for Exciting Goals

"They have to stop calling them #aggressive #goals..." Recently one of my favorite #CROs said this...

...while we were having coffee.

I said: "AMEN! They're #exciting goals."


He and I share a common belief,

also held by most #high-performers:

🔺 How we talk about something

🔺 actually transforms the situation

🔺 and the kind of outcomes we achieve.

OUR language is GENERATIVE.

It impacts how we do what we do

which generates what

we achieve.

Don't overlook that


But our language follows

our perceptions:

how we think.

This isn't positive thinking BS

It's nearly mathematical.

It's pragmatic.

This is why I just led a #Sales team through

a discussion and a conceptual reset

on pragmatic reasons we can

achieve goals that seem


It could have been any team:

🔸 The #Production teams in my Manufacturing clients

🔸 The #Engineering teams in my Tech clients

🔸 The #Investors in my Finance clients

🔸 The #Partners in my Law clients

🔸 Any #team in your business

They all need a conceptual reset

to initiate a language reset

to open the path

to achieving



🟩🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩🟩

If you're a #CEO, #CRO, or other #CSuite exec

with a team talking about goals

as if they're not achievable

you have a problem.


And we can talk about how

I can help initiate a reset for you

to reinforce & sustain new thinking, actions, outcomes.

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