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How The Most Successful Teams Bridge The Strategy & Execution Gap

Updated: May 9

Are you executing? Your team? Do you have tools & capabilities solely dedicated to helping you do so? Not your CRM. Not your financial reporting.

CRMs are for customers, sales oppties, deals, etc...which are only a part of your execution.

Financial reports are for the *outcomes* of all your execution across sales and the rest of your org.

I'm talking about tools & capabilities...

1. ...with the sole purpose of ensuring

execution is aligned to strategy

2. ...where goals are specific enough

to be objectively tracked

3. create visibility on the leading indicators

...before the lagging outcomes

Execution is a tough discipline.

If you're winning without executional focus,

you're getting lucky.

Don't get me wrong "luck" has a *lot* to do with everything.

But luck isn't a business plan.

"Luck" isn't going to be something you'll

report out on to your VC or PE Board, Wall Street, etc.

Now, *execution*....

Get this locked down, and you'll be differentiated

versus the majority of other players in your game.


If this all makes sense

but you know you're just too busy

to really invest the time


so we can invest just a quick 15 min

and then go from there.

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