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Stalking The Impossible

"it's not possible."

Revenue goal. Profitability goal. Whatever goal.

As soon as I hear this,

I get excited.

I'm wired to prove people wrong.

Myself first and foremost.

As Walt Disney said it:

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

What if more of your direct reports

your team, your organization

operated this way?

What if you did?

(Org/Team #Culture always starts at the top)


Everything starts with your perspective.

→ Belief that there MUST be a way.

→ You just don't see it (yet).

→ How might we? How might anyone?

Then 150% commitment.

🔺 If everyone you love was kidnapped

🔺 Liam Neeson 'Taken' style, and

🔺 you had to achieve an 'Impossibility' to save them,

🔺 what exactly would you do?

Now apply this thinking to your 'business impossibility.'

I bet you'd welcome help.

🟢 Someone to help you see blindspots.

🟢 A sparring partner to attack & expose

 limits in your thinking and execution.

🟢 Someone who has seen & helped others 

 achieve the impossible via pragmatic means. 


Let me paraphrase Neeson's 'Taken' character:

→ If you are looking for a magic wand or a formula 

 I can tell you I don't have it 

 (no one does).

→ But what I do have are a very particular set of skills

 and highly effective, pragmatic frameworks.

→ All that I have acquired by stalking the impossible,

 achieving it myself and with others.

→ All making me invaluable for an exec like you,

 for an organization with seemingly impossible goals.


🔹 See, it starts with perspective

 that impossible can be achieved.

🔹 But it continues with tactics

 consistently & pragmatically applied.

🔹 And it usually requires help

 (rarely is Impossible achieved without help)


If you're a #CEO#COO, or #CRO

and are feeling the weight of

what feels like an impossible goal...


...and we can discuss

how an independent Operating Partner (iOP)

like myself (or one of my adjunct iOPs)

can help you stalk the impossible

pragmatically, systematically, more effectively.

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