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Painkillers = Good    |   Vitamins = 'Meh'

I'm talking about what you're offering. 

• Your product 

• Your service

• Your process

It should kill pain. 

I'm talking 'opioid-level' painkilling

(minus the public health epidemic, of course).

People (businesses) will pay anything to get rid of pain.

The stronger the pain...

• The more they'll pay

• The faster they'll buy

• The more they'll use

Vitamins? Making others (businesses) stronger.

Vitamins 𝘚𝘏𝘖𝘜𝘓𝘋 be bought, 𝘚𝘏𝘖𝘜𝘓𝘋 be used. 

But we know how that actually goes.

• How are your new biz close rates?

• What about your NRR?

• Your inbound leads / opportunities?

Vitamin-sized numbers?


Why am I talking about this?

Because of your hashtag#Strategy 

If it doesn't hinge upon 


then I suspect...

→ it sounds better to you

→ and serves you better

→ than it does them

 (your market/clients)

If your hashtag#Strategy ain't great,

well, all your hashtag#Execution is for naught.

Then we've wasted a lot of time & money.

And then we do our 'reductions'...

where people's livelihoods (and lives) are impacted

because we built a Strategy & Execution upon vitamins

(or we didn't invest in Strategy & Execution at all)


What pain does I solve?

The one where you say...

• "Can't have another year/quarter like that last one"

The kind of pain where you also say...

• "How the &@%# are we going to solve this?!"


• "How did we drop the ball so badly?!"

The kind of pain...

• Worth $10M+ of 'OUCH' to your P&L


Got pain like that?


and we can talk...

...especially if you're a hashtag#CEOhashtag#COO, or hashtag#CRO.


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