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For many of us, it's the last week of the quarter. Some have a gap between where they stand and their goals. Many of you can still...

...close that gap.


If you had absolutely no choice,

but had to achieve the goals,

what might you possibly do?

And if that's a possibility,

what's keeping you from doing it?

Others, believe it's impossible

for the gap to be closed,

and as Henry Ford said:

"Whether you believe you can

or believe you can't:

you're right."


You can still close the gap

(another gap):

the gap in execution

that led to the gap in results.

How might you take this week

to get clear on how to close THAT gap

so that you don't miss your goals in coming quarters?


If you or your organizations

is staring down a gap

between your goals & your reality

caused by executional gaps in

focus, persistence, accountability,

creative thinking, agility, and so forth...

< send me a message >

and we can discuss

a pragmatic process by which

we can create implement change

to implement new outcomes.


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