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Don't have a scoreboard? Don't know what you're missing. 6 rules for creating a scoreboard on the inputs that drive the desired #outcomes...

A great executional scoreboard has:

(1) Both lead & lag measures - tie executional activity to business impact

(2) Both individual & team scores - balancing ownership for every participant with team spirit/competition/accountability.

(3) "At a glance" simple - within 5 seconds everyone can tell if they're winning or losing

(4) Always visible to the entire team - wherever they spend most of their time - whether that's in Slack or on the production floor.

(5) Is built to engage & motivating the team, not for the manager/coach (who usually wants more detail)

(6) Requires the team to input (and own) their score with the leader only monitoring for accuracy...vs inputing on their behalf.


If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #CRO

and you've had multiple missed quarters

on top or bottom-line (lagging metrics),

it may serve you to have a better scoreboard

on all leading metrics around the specific actions

that are the inputs to your desired #outcomes.


Need help creating the right scoreboard

(and process around it)


and we can discuss what

it would look like to get this

set up for your team.

Refining #Strategy + Optimizing #Execution


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