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Primary Challenges to Strategy Implementation

Missed on hitting your targets? >50% of the time, an org doesn't #execute (and deliver #results): #ownership & clarity in #strategy.

~1/3 of the time it's because of a lack of #CrossFunctional#Ownership

🔶 #Product & #Engineering don't own the role they play in driving #Revenue.

🔶 #Sales doesn't own the role they play in #Product innovation & #Production.

🔶 Everyone points at everyone else when it comes to #Profitability targets.

"But sales job is to sell. Product's job is to design. Eng's job is to build. Finance's job is to steward profitability. Everyone should just play their position and do what they're best at."

❗️ I call BS. We're all in this together. ❗️

There is #OneTeam. Or there is #Silo#Dysfunction

If your #Strategy doesn't have the #Clarity to illustrate *HOW* we're all in it together, we all own results cross-functionally - you have the silo'ed behavior that everyone complains about.

A good, clear #Strategy takes time.


If you have an upcoming "Strategic Offsite"

and don't have a track-record of creating


and we can explore how I can help.

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