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Year 4 Helping Ambitious Execs & Orgs Solve Complex Challenges Across REVENUE - PROFIT - PEOPLE by Refining Strategy + Execution

4 years ago today, I launched this business.

Over the weekend a client sent me this email:


Hey Zito,

Just wanted to say 'thank you' and 

express how much I’ve benefited 

from working together.

Before I was operating out of stress & anxiety

that I wasn’t doing the right things,

both to support my org 

and individually with my own mandate.

Working with you has given me clarity 

on what to do, and how to be more effective

as a leader, and as an exec with my own workload.

I’m actually confident we’ll hit our number this year 

(instead of just hoping we will).

That confidence has spilled over

into other areas of my life as well.

I’ve got more energy and excitement to tackle 

my other responsibilities outside of work

because I’m leaving the work day 

w/o a gnawing sense of things 

left undone or partially done.

I appreciate you

and want you to know 

the impact you’re having. 

See you next week!

[name redacted]



I've been given permission to share this note

having purely reformatted it for easier reading

and having removed their name.

This client runs an org 

within a $Billions valuation

publicly-traded household name.



→ The most seasoned hashtag#CEOs and hashtag#executives 

 often don't have clarity on what to do

🔺(but have to make like they do) 🔺

→ The most successful hashtag#CEOs and hashtag#executives 

 often have a great deal of anxiety

🔺 (but have to make like they don't) 🔺

→ The most pragmatic hashtag#CEOs and hashtag#executives 

 often operate out of hope

🔺(but present it as confidence) 🔺

This makes sense. hashtag#CEOs are only human. 


My solution for them has been:

 (1) Reliable, pragmatic toolkits + frameworks

 (2) A true operating partnership

 (3) Strategy + Execution

Clear, tactical actions to solve

big, complex problems


The result is:

• $10's Million in business impact.

• And then the personal impact this exec feels.

• And unsolicited notes of thanks like the one above.

(This is the best job I've ever had)


🟩🟩🟩 MAKE MY DAY 🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEOhashtag#COO, or hashtag#CRO 

and need to solve problems with

and want help refining hashtag#Strategy 

while improving hashtag#Execution 


We can have a casual exploratory chat.

It would make my day.

And maybe yours.

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